Ashland Area Emmaus Community
Monday, January 24, 2022
Jesus himself came near and went with them
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Walk Schedule

All community members are asked to participate in the walks.  Please share your time and your gifts.  The following schedule includes times for Community Events (Send Off, Sponsor's Hour, Candlelight and Closing -- all in bold print) as well as pilgrim meal times (if you would like to help serve).


6:00pm -- Pilgrims can begin registration
6:30pm -- Send off meal
7:30pm -- Send off including Sponsors' Hour (all community members invited)


8:00 -- Breakfast
12:30pm -- Lunch
5:30 pm -- Dinner


8:00am -- Breakfast
12:15pm -- Lunch
5:40pm -- Fiesta
8:00pm -- Community gathers for candlelight
8:30pm -- Candlelight will begin promptly at this time so that the community is ready for the pilgrims at 9:15.


7:30am -- Breakfast
12:15pm -- Lunch
4:15 -- Community gathers for Closing